"Artist, Designer, Earthling." 

Sat currently lives and works in Bali. His daily routine encompasses making art and other areas of visual design  especially product design. Across the gambit of disciplines, we see the common theme of the beach environment.  Academically speaking, Sat trained as a graphic art. In his graphics, the works of Mooi Indie often work their magic into the aspirations he includes in his art. His works often offer a sublimation of the beauty of the sunset entwined with a mixture of other emotions. We see an inclination towards geometrical objects in his work. Satria often uses found items in his media pallet. Old paper, scraps, bits and bobs and even used construction materials are fair game. For him this is a direct response to the criticism that Mooi Indie is selling beauty. Sat has often made a subtle and more often than not, hidden critique of the impact of tourism in Bali through his works.  

– Project Bale (Art jakarta 2019)

“I am predominantly seen as an artist who is using printmaking techniques, such as screenprint and other technical combinations of mixed media, collages, video montage, installations etc.  My visual achievements are influenced by simple things as well as my surrounding environment. It is family, friends, music, insights into human nature and my relationship to these things. 

For me, art is the practice of freedom both in idea and activity, where it represents the expectations of eternal harmony between humans and nature.”  –Satria T. Nugraha

Within his works you are invited to join Satria Nugraha (Sat) on his journey. Never one to leave things well enough alone, he produces striking pieces of art by combining the techniques he has learnt on the ride of his life. Silkscreen printing techniques, spraypaint, drawing and collages are the background in which he and his art traverses. His art is as much of an expression and exploration of the boundaries of the techniques that  enrapture him as as they are of the subject matter and his frame of mind at the time of inception. He is as much about landscapes as he is in his  anatomical studies each an exquisite example of his need for balance in the shapes and patterns. This juxtaposition of the images, objects and cross-over mediums are essentially illustrating art as a practice of freedom both in idea and activity, where it represents the expectations of eternal harmony between humans and nature. 

– Anthony ‘Ano’ McInerheney


2007, Honorable Mention, 1st NBC International Screenprinting Bieannale, Tokyo - Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2020, “PLOT”, Pameran Tunggal Daring, Ruang Segi Empat, Bandung- Indonesia

2018, "Pilgrimage", The Deus Gallery, Deus Ex Machina, Bali - Indonesia

2018, "Mind Safari", Studio Eksotika - Potato Head, Bali - Indonesia

Duo Exhibitions

2020, “Wild Skids”, Collaboration with Denny Novikar nasution, MIMPI Collab Environment, Bali - Indonesia

2017,"A Week Up West", Collaboration with Harry Mark Photography, Deus ex Machina, Bali - Indonesia

Selected Exhibitions

2019, "Bunch of Hunch", The Deus Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2019, "Art Jakarta", JCC Senayan, Jakarta - Indonesia

2019, "Today, Tomorrow, The Future", Senayan City 13th Anniversary, Jakarta - Indonesia

2019, "2D|3D Interaction|Intersection", Ruci Gallery, Jakarta - Indonesia

2019, "Potong Tempel", World Collage Day, Canasta creative space, Bali - Indonesia

2019, "Deus X-mas Collabs Show", Deus ex Machina Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2018, "Surf Lovin' ", At front Pop Up Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2018, "Potong Tempel', International Collage Day, Presents by Kolaj Magazine, Cata Odata, Bali - Indonesia

2016, "Art for Humanity", Warung D'Sawah, Bali - Indonesia

2015, ”Lipat Ganda’, DiA.LO.GUE Artspace, Jakarta - Indonesia

2015, “Space Seven Art on Paper,” Space Seven, Tokyo - Japan

2015, “Black Market,” Warehouse, Bali- Indonesia

2014, “Deus Collabs Show,” Deus Ex Machina Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2014, ”Running Linchpin,” Artsphere Gallery, Jakarta- Indonesia

2013, “Supplantabuntur,” Deus ex Machina Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2013, ”Faux Medicaments,” Institut Francais Selected Artists Exhibition Tour : Muse de la Contrefacon (Paris - France), MetaHouse (Phnom Penh & Vientiane PharmacyUniversity (Vientiane - Laos), Idecaf (Ho Chin Minh City - Vietnam), Universite de Pharmacie de hanoi (Hanoi - Vietnam).Battambang - Cambodge).

2012, “Deus Xmas Show”, Deus Ex machina Gallery, Bali - Indonesia

2012, “Bandung New Emergence Vol.4,” Selasar sunaryo Art Space, Bandung- Indonesia

2012, “Bandung Contemporary Art Awards #2,” Lawang Wangi Art & Science, Bandung- Indonesia

2011, “Headlights: Indonesia,” Valentine Willie Fine Arts,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2011, “Printmaking Festival,” Lawang Wangi Art & Science, Bandung - Indonesia

2011, "Survey III: From Whom The Bell Tolls", Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2011, “Bayang: Indonesian Contemporary Spiritual & Islamic Art,” Indonesia National Museum, Jakarta - Indonesia

2011, “The Weekend Project,” d’gallerie, Jakarta - Indonesia

2010, “Sang Ahli Gambar: Tribute to S.Sudjojono,” Padi Artground, Bandung - Indonesia

2010, “ARTJOG: The Strategies of Being,” Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

2009, “Prive : Liaison Art Project”, Vivi Yip Gallery, Jakarta - Indonesia

2009, “Enjoy Lucid Dreams,” Jeune Magazine Art Exhibition,Rumah Buku, Bandung - Indonesia

2009, “Cloak & Dagger ; Liaison Art Project,” Salihara Gallery (Jakarta) – Liaison Studio (Bandung) - Indonesia

2008, “Indonesia Printmaking Now”, Tembi Contemporary, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

2007, “Neo-Nation ; Jogja Biennale IX,”, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

2007, “1st NBC International Screenprinting Biennale,” Tokyo – Japan.


2020, "SAT X Motion Skateboards, Bali - Indonesia

2019, Dea "Through the Magic Scope", SAT X Dea Barandana, Berlin - Germany

2019, "SAT X Kle the Label, for Jakarta Fashion Week, Jakarta - Indonesia

2018, "SAT X Jobanshi (Sound Artist)", Tokyo - Japan

2017, ”Peloton Supershop X SAT ",Art Installation, Potato Head, Bali - Indonesia

2012, “Collage Collabs Show,” Birhaus, Bali - Indonesia

2012, “Personal Matters Sometime Meaningless,” Performance & collaboration with NYMPHEA Microbiology Community-Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung -Indonesia.

2012, " Installation Art for Biyan",( collaboration with Liaison Artproject now Whatever workshop). The Edge, Bali - Indonesia

2011, “Practice of Will: Nothing is Wrong Everything is Permitted,” Colaboration Art, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.

2011, Installation Art for "Jakarta Fashion Week: Oscar Lawalata(IDN) & Justin Smith(UK)", collaboration with Liaison Artproject now Whatever workshop. Jakarta - Indonesia

Art Project etc

2020, Bale Project Instagram Take Over, Bale Project , Bandung - Indonesia

2019, Installation for SOUNDRENALINE, GWK CUltural Park, Bali – Indonesia

2018, Art Contributor for Quarter Marks an Art Only Newspaper Vol.5, LA-USA

2018, Sat X Agugn, Bali Coconut Installation Commission Art

2012, The British Council, Merchandise Design & Production

2011, “Bisa Gila: "I am Making Boring Art and I Like It; Free artwork for people like you, 100 limited edition of woodcut”

2011, Clara Magazine: Premiere Edition. Art contributor.

2011, The British Council, Photo & Video Documentary.

2010, Bureau Gastro Pub Jakarta, Interior/Mural Artwork.

2010, Bazaar Art Jakarta, Artwork exhibition.